Modero introduces coffee soda and rewards system

Since opening last year, Union’s on-campus coffee shop Modero never fails to provide constant variety for students and faculty as new products are introduced almost on a monthly basis.

This month, Modero is proud to introduce several new commodities including coffee sodas and a rewards system for regulars.

A new and trendy drink in cities such as Nashville, coffee soda is an innovative and refreshing way to drink coffee for those who love the taste of coffee and also crave a little carbonation. Made from an extremely concentrated form of cold brew made in the new Yama Cold brew Tower, coffee soda combines fruity flavors from the soda gun with rich cold coffee, for a unique and bubbly experience. Coffee sodas come in both coconut and peach flavors, and Modero eagerly anticipates more flavors still to come.

“Coffee Soda is something we have been wanting to take on for a while, but we never had a good way to carbonate the drink,” said Levi Hartsfield, assistant director of Barefoots Joe and Modero. “People are generally very intrigued by the idea of a carbonated coffee drink, and once they try it they instantly become a fan. Now that we have the soda gun in Modero, we gave some more thought to what might be involved in offering these sodas, and we are very excited to be offering coffee sodas!”

For those who are regular coffee drinkers at Modero, Joy Moore, director of Modero and Barefoots Joe, came up with a rewards system to help students drink coffee more frugally and encourage them to try new drinks.  Loyalty cards are now available offering customers one free drink for every 10 drinks purchased.

“I feel that the greatest benefit of the rewards cards is simply creating an excited loyalty to Modero and Barefoots,” said Hartsfield. “We have always gone the extra mile to offer the best quality at the least possible expense to our customers and this feels like a very tangible way to communicate that to them.”

Additionally, Modero is proud to boast the addition of Rhubarb muffins to the menu as well as Modero and Barefoots Joe Vinyl stickers available at the counter for $2.00 and $1.00.

Within the next few months Moore says she will seek to incorporate some more salads into the menu including a curry chicken salad, as well as protein powder for smoothies and designer mugs with a philanthropic dimension.

“Our vision for both Modero and Barefoots Joe is to create hospitable places for conversation and community to happen,” said Moore.  “We seek to provide specialty coffees, teas, and foods to our university community and our city. For Barefoots,in particular, we want to provide a place that encourages interaction with the arts, especially visual arts and music, and for Modero, in particular, we want to offer our guests, who are busy working and studying, interludes to recoup and reflect.”

To learn more or to purchase a gift card or a bag of coffee visit Modero’s online store: