Life Group leader applications due Feb. 24

Life Group Leaders welcome new students as they arrive on campus

Life Groups present opportunities to minister to others, build relationships and make a difference in the lives of incoming students in the fall.

Andy Campbell is a sophomore economics major and  Life Group leader. | Photo by Faith Patterson

Andy Campbell, sophomore economics major and Life Group leader, said the experience is rewarding. As a first-time leader, he said the experience took some adjustment. He recalled that, at first, meeting with his freshmen Life Groupers was a little awkward until the group got to know each other and grow closer. However, he said after the ice was broken, the whole experience was fun and rewarding.

He mentioned that his group, which he lead along with his Life Group partner, Jessica Vinyard, tended to be a little more adventurous. Campbell said some of their Life Group conversations sounded something like, “Let’s go to Waffle House at midnight,” or “Let’s go to West Jackson and catch geese.”

Even though they enjoyed being adventurous together, Campbell said Life Groups are about more than just fun get-togethers and silly games.

“The point of Life Groups is to get to know students and build relationships, but [also] to find out where they are with their walk with Jesus,” Campbell said. “So [the focus is] to dig deeper and to try to teach them and try to learn from them.”

Campbell said his transition into Union his freshman year was a hard one, but that his Life Group and leaders helped him to better adjust and find his place at Union. Some of his closest friendships were made through his Life Group experiences.

“Getting poured into by the Life Group support staff is incredible,” Campbell said. “I learned so much last semester and grew so much last semester. As a Life Group leader, you have lots of influence because you are somebody who is seen by freshmen as somebody who knows what you’re doing—whether you really do or not, they think you do.”

There might be kids like me who come to Union who are afraid to do anything, and then encouragement from Life Group leaders could get them to be involved or create friendships; so really, you just have the opportunity to radically impact the life of freshman students which could change their four-year career at Union, and I think that’s a really cool experience.”

Life Group leader applications for the 2016-2017 academic year are due Wednesday, Feb. 24. Click here to apply.

Image courtesy of Faith Patterson|Cardinal & Cream