Kappa Delta, Chi Omega to host philanthropy fundraisers

The ladies of Kappa Delta sing 'Bye, Bye, Bye' at Chi Omega's Pancakes and Karaoke event, Mar. 26, 2015. | Photo by Emily Stookey

Kappa Delta and Chi Omega are preparing to put on some of the biggest fundraisers of the year. Each sorority will be hosting a dinner in the upcoming days, and they invite the student body to help them raise money for children in difficult situations while also enjoying an evening of socializing and fun.

Saturday at 5 p.m. the ladies of Kappa Delta will host students and faculty in the Bowld Student Commons for their yearly Shamrock Dinner—a fundraiser for one of their four philanthropies, Prevent Child Abuse America.

“Kappa Delta supports [Prevent Child Abuse America] because the platform for our sorority is confidence,” said Kasey Comfort, Kappa Delta member and organizer of last year’s fundraiser. “It’s one of our missions to instill confidence in every woman. By helping prevent child abuse, we hope to see that goal accomplished.”

Members of the Kappa Delta sorority will join efforts in providing all attendees with spaghetti, bread, drinks and salad.

“When people started streaming in the door [last year] we couldn’t cook the spaghetti as fast as they were eating it,” Comfort said. “I remember being stressed but also extremely thankful. We raised double the money that night than we had the year before.”

Shamrock Dinners have been an enormous success in revent years, and Kappa Delta members expect a great turnout as students gather to enjoy spaghetti and laughter as well as aid them in their cause.

Tuesday at 8:30 p.m., Chi Omega will be hosting their annual Pancakes and Karaoke event in the Bowld Student Commons. The proceeds of this event will go to their national philanthropy Make-A-Wish, an organization dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of children with terminal illnesses. Last year, the ladies of Chi Omega were able to raise sufficient funds to grant a wish to a child with a life-threatening medical condition, and this year they hope to do the same.

“Last year was my first year in Chi Omega and my first time attending the event,” said Chi Omega member Abigail Ramsey. “We had a bunch of girls flipping pancakes the whole time, and we also had syrup and fun toppings like chocolate chips, whipped cream and fruit for people to add to their pancakes.”

Another Chi Omega, Vitoria Bartell, describes the evening as “a fun atmosphere of food and music.” Endless toppings will be provided and members will be nominated to sing karaoke.

“It is surely an event you don’t want to miss,” Bartell said. “My favorite highlights have been singing karaoke with my pledge class, cooking the pancakes and serving, having the opportunity to nominate others to sing songs and definitely eating pancakes.”

Tickets for both events are being sold daily outside Brewer Dinning Hall. Tickets for the Shamrock dinner are $5 and can be purchased in advance or at the door. Tickets for Pancakes and Karaoke can be purchased for $3 outside Brewer Dinning Hall or for $5 at the door.