Hundley tutors help students achieve academic excellence

For more than 10 years, the Hundley Center for Academic Enrichment has been committed to helping students earn the best grades they can and learn new study habits.

The Hundley Center’s main purpose is to help students bridge the gap between what they are learning in the classroom and help them understand the material. The center provides a distraction-free environment for students to be able to study and take tests without all of the noise of other students in a typical classroom setting.

Renee Jones, director for the Hundley Center, says she admires and appreciates her 21 peer tutors.

“Our peer tutors are simply the cream of the crop,” Jones said. “They have humble spirits and desire to use their gifts and talents to help assist and bless their peers.”

The tutors help other students earn the best grades they can on papers, tests, homework and any other assignments they may be struggling with. Karis Kontilis, senior creative writing and art major, started tutoring in the Hundley Center at the beginning of her senior year, but even before that, often looked over people’s papers and helped them improve their writing skills.

“I like reading good writing. Usually people come in because they need help figuring something out,” Kontilis said. “If somebody comes in and really doesn’t understand something and I can actually explain it and help it make sense to them and they actually learn something, that is really satisfying knowing they won’t be making that mistake again or they know how to express themselves better.”

Kontilis also said tutoring for the Hundley Center is a good place to practice those skills she learns in the classroom and be able to teach those skills to students who don’t understand them quite as much.

Allen Bradley, senior accounting major, said what he enjoys most is hearing back from students that the studying helped them comprehend the material better.

“Tutoring has also really helped me understand concepts better myself,” Bradley said. He would advise future tutors to implement useful study strategies.

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