Chapel: Huelin leads call and response worship

Union student leading a call and response style of worship. | Mallory Rush

On Wednesday, Scott Huelin, English professor and Director of the Honors Community, led a unique chapel that challenged students to worship in a different way.

The chapel began with a band leading the congregation in singing the song “Holy is the Lord”. Once the song was finished, Huelin took the stage and greeted the congregation and prefaced what the chapel would be like that day.

Huelin explained that there are many ways to worship and that the chapel would consist of scriptural reading and responses.

Huelin pointed out that we are in a season of Advent. Advent means “coming”. It is a season of anticipation for the coming of Christ. Huelin continued to emphasize the significance of Advent.

“In America we spend so much time preparing all our gifts, but we spend little time preparing for the spiritual side of Christmas” Huelin said.

Advent is the four weeks leading to Christmas, starting with the fourth Sunday before Christmas. Huelin pointed out that today’s church is in a similar state of waiting that Israel was in. He said that our position will only be revealed when Christ comes in glory.

After explaining Advent, Huelin began the call to worship. Huelin would read a verse, then the congregation would read a verse, and so on.

“It was a new experience for me to worship in that way. At first I felt a little weird, but by the end I enjoyed it” Griffin Boyte, junior athletic training major, said.

The Chapel was divided into an invitatory Psalm, three lessons, and a benediction. Several students had the opportunity to lead this call and response style of worship as well. Dr. Mark Dubis, Professor of biblical studies, also participated. All of the readings came from Psalms, Romans, Isaiah and 1 John.

Towards the end of the chapel a new organization, Adoration, performed American sign language to amazing grace. Another Psalm was read by a student and then the congregation read the Lord’s prayer together. Once the prayer was finished, the band took the stage again and led the congregation in “Be thou my vision”. Dan Lancaster, Assistant Vice President for University Ministries, approached the pulpit and spoke a blessing on the students and dismissed them.

There will be another chapel centered around Advent on Friday Dec. 2.