Baseball, softball to play Saturday

Union's baseball team huddles during a game against University of West Alabama last fall. |Photo submitted by Steven Aldridge

This week Union athletes will be playing Lee University on Union’s campus. Both the softball and baseball teams will compete Saturday, April 9 both at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.

Union’s baseball team is entering into Saturday’s game off a victory against Trevecca Nazarene University on Tuesday, April 5. This victory comes after three losses to West Florida, following a win against Lemoyne-Owen, which follows three losses to West Alabama.

This series of wins and losses has given Union baseball a mixed year so far, but the team’s head coach Lee Driggers said the team will keep doing what they are doing.

“Nothing’s changed in what’s expected,” Driggers said. “We have made tremendous strides from last year. We need to continue to make those strides for the next couple of years.”

He went on to talk about the team’s performance. He said the team has played good defense, but hitting has been harder this year.

“Our hitting has been very streaking, and that has led to our ups and downs,” Driggers said. “We need to win a few more battles at the plate.”

This Saturday provides particular challenges for the team. The team has few pitchers, which means each pitcher has to work more than usual this game. A low pitching depth can tire out the pitchers fast.

“We need to continue to get maximum effort,” Driggers said.

The team suffered a few injuries Wednesday, and the third and fourth hole hitters had a collision. These experienced starters will have to sit out Saturday.

This will give the less experienced players a chance to play more prominently on the team.

“The young players are going to have to step up as a result,” Driggers said.

The weather this weekend should be clear and nice, Driggers said, and he is hoping for a good turnout from the student body. He said that the student body has been good at showing up to games thus far, and he is hoping for the same level of students.

The forecast Saturday has a high of 56° with no chance of rain.

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