Voter registration drive to be held on campus

Participation in our government by voting is an American privilege. That is why Union University’s Student Government Association is partnering with the office of Tre Hargett, Tennessee Secretary of State, to hold a voter registration drive in the Barefoot Student Union Building this week.

“We’re having the event because a lot of people think ‘It would be cool to vote,’ or ‘I have an opinion on this issue,’ but either don’t know how or don’t have the time to go register and vote,” said Allison Pulliam, senior political science and broadcast journalism double major and senior class treasurer. “So we’re having this because it’s a lot easier for them to stop on their way to lunch, and it will only take a couple minutes.”

Beginning Tuesday, Sept. 22, the drive will continue through Thursday, Sept. 24. Each day from 11-1, the Student Government Association will have a table with registration materials set up in the main SUB hallway, offering students a simple and quick way to get registered to vote in the upcoming elections.

Secretary Hargett will be visiting campus on Thursday, showing his support for the drive and encouraging Union students to register.

“As college students, we have a lot of power to make our voices heard,” Pulliam said. “It’s good to be able to cast your vote because you have the right to do so, and it is taking an active role in what your government is doing. You don’t have the right to complain if you aren’t participating.”

As the nation speculates over the outcomes of presidential primaries, this is an important time in America’s political process. For many Union students, the upcoming elections will be their first opportunity to vote for the president of their nation.

The goal of the voter registration drive is to offer a convenient, streamlined method for students to register, removing an obstacle that might otherwise prevent them from practicing their right to vote. Even out-of-state students will be able to register at the drive.

“We’re excited to have Tre Hargett on campus. It’s just a great opportunity for more students to get involved,” Pulliam said. “We’re really excited to have people getting more interested and involved in politics, especially in light of the upcoming presidential election.”

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