‘Unionites Unite’ to raise support for library

Students will have an opportunity to win prizes and enjoy fellowship tonight at the Unionites Unite event in the Bowld Student Commons from 4:30-6:30 p.m. while being a part of a fundraiser for the new campus library.

“We’re gathering students together to raise awareness and support for the library campaign by providing free food, games and opportunities to win incredible prizes,” said Landon Preston, director of development. “There will also be opportunities for students to write and say a message about their love for Union, and we want to be able to pass this on to alums.”

The event offers students the opportunity to become involved with giving to the library fund, #OPENTHEDOORS. Students are encouraged to give and are not restricted to giving monetarily. Preston said students can also donate old cell phones or tablets.

Preston regards this event as an opportunity for students to realize their role in the process of the library’s opening.

“It’s important for students to know that they are more than just the primary beneficiaries of the new library, but they can also have ownership in this incredible new space as well,” Preston said. “Giving to support the library is a great way to show support for Union and for the future generations of students who will use it.”

Teresa Rosson, assistant director of alumni and annual fund, said she believes it is necessary for students to be involved with the building of the new library since current and future students will be using the facility.

“It is important for students to become involved in the building of the new library because it is their library,” Rosson said. “It is being built for them and for the students that will follow them.”

Preston and Rosson both hope for a large number of students to participate in the fundraiser and take advantage of the opportunity to support the library project.

“We would like for there to be a good turnout from students because their energy is contagious,” Rosson said. “There is no better way to tell the Union story than for us to showcase our Christ-Centered, Excellence-Driven students. Their excitement about the new library will be used in future media campaigns encouraging others to join us to #OPENTHEDOORS for future generations of Union graduates that will leave this place and make a difference in the world for God’s kingdom.”

The prizes given at the fundraiser are as follows:

$5.00 gift donors – IGAVE bracelet and $25 giftcard drawing

$10.00 gift donors – All the above and t-shirt, $50 giftcard drawings and library construction tour drawing

$15.00 gift donors – All the above and $100 giftcard drawing

$20.00 gift donors – All the above and drawings for Grizzlies tickets, Kindle Fire and dinner with Dub and Susie Oliver on the library rooftop.

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