SGA, SAC election results announced


The results of the new Student Government Association and Student Activities Council executive offices are in.

SGA President: Kaylee Gibson
SGA Vice President: Benton Hurt
SGA Secretary: Caleb Bernui
SGA Treasurer: Trenton Holloway

SAC President: Jessica Vinyard

Out of the five positions, SGA president, vice president and secretary ran unopposed. But this did not make the victory any less rewarding for new Gibson.

“It was encouraging because in a way it meant that those who were qualified to run and chose not to had faith in my ability to do the job well,” said Gibson, junior public relations major.

She also said she is thankful for the support she has received from everyone on staff, especially Holly Johnson, the outgoing president.

For sophomore Christian studies major, Trenton Holloway, his campaign was one he had to motivate himself toward. Holloway had never run for anything before and at first felt discouraged that he had an opponent to run against. He questioned if he had a shot at winning. Holloway is also the only sophomore on the executive council and had not considered the matter until being asked about it.

“I had to decide that this is something I really want and just go for it,” he said. “I know that my experience on SGA so far has prepared me well to serve in this position, and I’m just excited to serve alongside them.”

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