Senior Recital: Hallie Shepard

Hallie Shepard with her older sister and father, who both accompanied her in her recital.
Hallie Shepard performed fifteen pieces which included two duets, one with her sister, Madison Shepard, and one with her father, Steve Shepard. | Photo by Kayleigh Patterson

For Hallie Shepard, senior music education major, her senior recital was a family affair. Shepard performed fifteen pieces which included two duets, one with her older sister and one with her father. Shepard comes from a family of musicians, and she started singing at a young age.

Shepard decided which pieces to sing with the help of Georgia Wellborn, professor of music. The selections were based on what Shepard enjoyed singing over her four years at Union and what Wellborn knew would fit well and feel good for Shepard as she was singing.

Being a part of the music department  means a lot to Shepard.

“It is fun being in a community of people who understand how I feel about music and love it as much as I do,” Shepard said. “We are a family.”

Another part of the music department at Union that has impacted her is the faculty and staff.

“The professors are wonderful, ” Shepard said. “They know us very well and invest in us.”

Music for Shepard is a way for her to express herself. Shepard compares what music is for her to how an athlete uses playing a sport to release emotions. Shepard also said she uses music as an outlet to spread the love of God.

“The Lord has given me the gift of music, and so I use it to further his kingdom,” Shepard said.

On Wednesday nights, Shepard can be found using her talents with the Refuge band at Englewood Baptist Church.

Hallie Shepard with her older sister, Madison Shepard, and father, Steve Shepard, who both accompanied her in her recital. | Photo by Kayleigh Patterson

All musicians are inspired by different things, and for Shepard it is listening other artists such as Bethel, and learning music history. She enjoys knowing why the music was written, when it was written and what was going on during the time the music was created.

After graduation, Shepard plans to teach music to middle-school or high school students.

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