Residence Life hosts Field Day, Grey takes Union Cup

Union Cup
The Great Outdoors is one of many Residence Life events. | Photo by David Parks, staff photographer
The Great Outdoors is one of many Residence Life events. | Photo by David Parks, staff photographer

On Monday, April 27, Union University’s Residence Life department hosted Field Day for its students to participate in, striving to bring home the Union Cup.

In the end, Grey walked away victorious. Not only did the residents of Grey walk away with a trophy, they also walked away with a steak dinner.

Among the different dorm buildings, Grey and Ayers 1 were previously neck and neck in point totals toward winning the Union Cup. Field Day was the last event to see who could win the trophy.

Cody Curtis, assistant resident director for the men’s quads, said field day is a culmination of the Union Cup.

“We wanted an event that was climactic,” Curtis said.

There were four relays involved in Field Day. A water relay, Grace relay, sports relay and Quad relay. Each relay was directed by different complexes. There were all sorts of activities ranging from a simple basketball free throw to a sweat pants relay.

In the sweat pants relay, students ran to a kiddie pool and put on a pair of XXL  soaked sweat pants. Participants then  then had to run to a bucket and squeeze the remaining water into the bucket. The first team to fill the bucket won.

Kayla McKinney, residence director of the women’s quads, described Field Day as “energetic, intense and ridiculous.”

Her favorite event was the chimpanzee run, she said. The chimpanzee run is when a student starts at one end of the quad and has to run to the other end. The only catch is that they have to hold their ankles the whole time.

“It’s hilarious to watch adults do it,” McKinney said.

Even if a particular building was not in the running for the Union Cup, students were still able to participate for other prizes.

“Someone walked away with a $25 gift card to Sonic while someone else walked away with a huge bag of candy,” McKinney said.

McKinney also commented on the work the other resident advisers put forth in order to make this event happen. She said without them, Field Day could not have happened.

“I love them,” McKinney said. “They are dedicated to the job as a job and as a ministry.”

Image courtesy of David Parks
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