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In college, Sam Hunt discovered he was talented in something more than just football. While playing football at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Hunt began playing the guitar, learning songs, and writing songs of his own.

After graduating college, the Kansas City Chiefs invited Hunt to training camp, but he had a back up plan if his football dreams did not come true.

“I knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I needed to find out if I could take it all the way,” said Hunt. “But by then I knew that if football didn’t work out I was going to Nashville.”

At the beginning of Hunt’s career, he did a majority of writing for different country music artists such as Keith Urban and Kenny Chesney. After some 0f the songs Hunt wrote became country music hits, he decided to start his solo career.

His debut album, Montevallo, was released Oct. 27, 2014.

Sam Hunt's debut album "Montevallo"
Sam Hunt’s debut album “Montevallo”

Montevallo is more than your typical country music album. It has a blend of all the music genres that influence Hunt.  Hunt said he listened to country music along with hip hop and R&B. The blend of Hunt’s musical inspirations can be heard in his songs, “Take Your Time” and “Speakers.”

The title of Hunt’s first album is named after the small town in Alabama that he goes to for a break from his career in Nashville. The album title has another meaning for Hunt that relates to his songs.

Hunt said that when translated into English, Montevallo means “mountains and valleys.” The songs on the album are about different aspects of life. Many of the songs were based on experiences of Hunt, which were his highs and lows of life.

Currently, Hunt is on tour with Native Run. In May, he will join Lady Antebellum on their tour that runs through September.

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