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Last week, I paid to see Taylor Swift for the fourth time. Some may label that as crazy, but I call it dedicated. Typically, people either love or hate Taylor Swift—I love her. I can hear your thoughts now…

Oh, how creative of you to waste time admiring someone the entire world is already obsessed with.

Really? You can’t think of anyone better?

I really can’t. Now, let me explain why.

First of all, I became a fan of Taylor Swift in middle school when I watched a CMT special that conducted a short interview with new, aspiring artist, Taylor Swift. At that point in time, “Tim McGraw” was just beginning its airplay on country radio, and her first album had not been released. I am not a bandwagon fan.

Taylor Swift opens her setlist with “Welcome to New York.”
Secondly, Taylor Swift is one of the most phenomenal songwriters in the world. She wrote her number one hit, “Love Story,” alone on her bedroom floor in about 20 minutes. She wrote Speak Now, her third award-winning album, without any co-writers. Swift has never recorded a song that she hasn’t co-written or written herself.

Finally, Taylor Swift is a fantastic performer. I have watched her perform over the years and seen her improve drastically. Her shows are unforgettable because of her distinct voice, her ability to play a variety of instruments, the incredibly designed costumes, the colorful lights, the 20-plus background dancers and her personal conversation with the audience—just to list a few reasons.

If you have not given Taylor Swift a real chance, I encourage you to do so. Below are my top 13 songs that have not been aired on the radio selected from her first four albums. I am positive you will fall into love or connect with at least one of them or maybe even give her lyrics permission to change your life. Her music is certainly capable of doing so.

  1. “Enchanted” a magical love song, written by Taylor Swift from the Speak Now album
  2. “Holy Ground” a song of reminiscing, written by Taylor Swift from the Red album
  3. “All Too Well” a heartbreak ballad, written by Taylor Swift and Liz Rose from the Red album
  4. “Long Live” a song of inspiration, written by Taylor Swift from the Speak Now album
  5. “Tied Together With a Smile” a song about holding on and staying strong, written by Taylor Swift and Liz Rose from the Taylor Swift album
  6. “Forever and Always” a song about broken promises, written by Taylor Swift from the Fearless album
  7. “Tell Me Why” a song about a manipulative ex-boyfriend, written by Taylor Swift and Liz Rose from the Fearless album
  8. “You’re Not Sorry” a song about disappointment and anger, written by Taylor Swift from the Fearless album
  9. “Stay Beautiful” a song about a high school crush, written by Taylor Swift from the Taylor Swift album
  10. “The Way I Loved You” a song about a bittersweet love, written by Taylor Swift and John Rich from the Fearless album
  11. “Starlight” a fairy tale love song that makes us all smile, written by Taylor Swift from the Red album
  12. “Mary’s Song (Oh My, My, My)” a song inspired by a kind old couple Swift was neighbors with as a child, written by Taylor Swift, Liz Rose and Brian Maher from the Taylor Swift album
  13. “Change” a song about hope, written by Taylor Swift from the Fearless album
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