Music Monday: I Got Soul

Kudos to you, my friend. You have made it through to yet another Monday. For this beautiful day, I want to give you a playlist full of the most beautiful music there is: soul.

Mondays are kind of a big deal. In the past they have been seen as the worst day of the week, but in all honesty, Mondays are pretty cool. It’s the day that starts your week, the one that is usually free of tests and it’s the only day that has both NFL and Dancing With the Stars. Mondays are for everyone.

Because of this, I put together a playlist that features a genre of music that everyone can enjoy and reminisce to. This music is good for the soul so you can start your week off right.

When you push play, you will be taken back to the world of 60s R&B with the likes of the legends Etta James, Otis Redding, James Brown and more. From there just sit back and relax to songs that embody soul in all different ways from all different ages, transporting listeners to the timeless world of rhythm and blues.

You will hear songs that span all the way from the 50s to this past year from all sorts of different artists, but they all give you that same good feeling.

This is the best kind of music in my opinion and I hope you enjoy these favorites of mine. They are sure to put your day in the right direction.

These tunes will have you swaying in your seat, nodding your head and humming all day long. So untangle your earphones, get some coffee, tackle that work and treat yourself on this best day of the week.

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