Ladies Night Out builds confidence in the gym

It is Tuesday night and the women have taken over the Wellness Center, furiously working the exercise machines while Taylor Swift blares overhead.

Every Tuesday night from 9 to 10 p.m., the Wellness Center closes the gym to male visitors in hopes of creating a more comfortable and encouraging environment for the ladies of campus.

Originating from the idea of Kristin Miller and Kayla McKinney, Ladies Night Out includes an hour of gym time without guys around, working out to music by female artists and learning about exercising and the workout equipment from Union’s personal trainer Kelly Knott.

Knott hopes to teach girls proper workout routines to give them the knowledge and confidence to carry out a routine throughout the rest of the week. By knowing what they’re doing, girls will be more likely to complete their workouts around the guys on other nights of the week.

“Closing the gym to girls only and teaching girls how to workout boosts self confidence and makes them more comfortable to come to the Wellness Center,” said Caroline Priddy, sophomore athletic training major and Wellness Center employee. “Now that they have an idea of a workout routine they like to do, they seem more excited to do what they know.”

Knott said she hopes the event not only builds self esteem, health and confidence in women’s lives, but that it also creates new friendships and relationships among the ladies of campus.

Through learning from a personal trainer how to properly use equipment and which exercises are appropriate for them, women have already attested to gaining the confidence and self esteem needed to hold their own with the guys in the gym.

“Most of the people that I notice who come in to workout are usually guys, but with Ladies Night happening I have seen more and more girls coming,” Priddy said.

Ladies Night Outs have concluded for this semester, but there are plans to continue the weekly event in the spring.

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