Heritage prank wars heat up

Whether it’s disappearing gnomes or a slice of pizza sliding down a window, the class of 2019 has already developed a prank war between buildings in the Heritage Residence Complex.

This semester’s series of pranks has been more active than recent years. From masculine flyers covering every inch of McAfee Commons to toilet paper surround cars and dorms to water balloons bombarding windows, random items being stolen or perhaps the most grotesque—food on windows, doors, lawns and everywhere in between.

Mason Ruby, sophomore physics major, said the park war has been fun, but at times can get out of control.

“People have been able to get involved and get plugged in,” he said. “that’s not to say certain things haven’t gotten out of hand or even antagonistic.”

Ruby added that pranks need to be original, and whoever is getting pranked has to take it well or the prank is not as fun.

Jenni Tingley, junior physical training major, wants more out of the pranks.

“They’ve been awful,” she said. “They are lacking originality and forethought. [People] need to take a step back and evaluate. Do something worth remembering. Pranks should be well thought out, clever, original, plotted, not impulsive and have multiple aspects.”

Some may be asking, ‘How far is too far when it comes to pranks?’ Union only has three rules regarding the guidelines of prank formatting: A prank cannot damage property, whatever mess is made must be cleaned up and it must receive approval from a Residence Director.

If somehow they are lucky enough to avoid a methodically-crafted prank, freshmen can still find amusement in the chaos. But for those who wake up think ‘Someone just got me good,’ a certain level of appreciation takes place for a well-executed prank.

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