Greek Olympics builds solidarity

Lambda Chi Alpha brothers rejoice after an event achievement in the Greek Olympics. |Photo by David Parks, staff photographer

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Teams from each house on Greek row arrived at Union’s aquatic center early Saturday morning to kick off the annual Greek Olympics.

Chants could be heard all through campus as hundreds of sorority and fraternity members marched to the swimming center with faces painted and house flags waving high in hopes of taking home first place overall.

The games consisted of five traditional competitions split up between the women and the men. The events started at 8 a.m. with a 200-yard swimming relay followed by a football throw, 200-yard sprinting relay, tug-of-war and chariot race.

This year the competition was very close, especially between the women. All three houses were neck and neck going into the chariot race. Zeta Tau Alpha and Chi Omega women’s fraternities had to go into a tiebreaker, a 100-yard sprint, after ending up with the same scores after the five events.

Chi Omega ended up taking first place overall, followed by Zeta Tau Alpha and Kappa Delta sorority.

“As soon as I knew there was a possibility of a tie, I was preparing myself,” Savannah Seeley, sophomore member of Chi Omega and runner in the tiebreaker, said. “I was nervous but I knew my chapter truly believed in me so I gave everything I had in that last sprint for my girls.”

Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity brought home first place overall in the men’s competition, followed by Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Alpha Tau Omega.

“Being able to represent my brotherhood once a year during Greek Olympics is a rare and true privilege for me,” Matt Young, senior psychology major and brother of Lambda Chi Alpha, said. “I swam anchor [in the swim relay] because I know I swim harder under pressure, but my team swam so well that I was put in a really good position.”

All of the houses came prepared Saturday morning and put on a great competition. The event was roughly two hours long, but each teams’ spirit never died down.

“Whether our girls are giving their 110 percent out on the field or cheering their hearts out on the sidelines, everyone put their best into Saturday and it was awesome to see all our hard work pay off,” Seeley said.

Seeley said that Greek Olympics is an incredible way for the Greek community to come together and have fun while competing; the competition was so intense this year, which made it all the more fun for everyone on the field.

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