Freshman Friday: Luke Sumner

Luke Sumner looks forward to his career as a musician| Submitted photo by Luke Sumner

Luke Sumner of Franklin, Tennessee discovered Union through several of his friends. After visiting the university, he decided to take a chance on it.

Sumner has always been surrounded by music, and said he never wants to leave it.

Sumner, freshman music major, credits Nashville and the relationships he has made there as his inspiration to become a musician. Because his home is only twenty minutes away from Nashville, Sumner has been able to meet many musicians, make connections with these musicians and see how the music business works.

“It is just a part of me, and I never want to change that,” said Sumner.

After graduation, Sumner’s goal is to return to Nashville and continue his music career by playing the drums, touring and recording in the studio as long as he can.

As a musician at Union, Sumner plays percussion in Union’s symphonic band and orchestra.

In his free time, Sumner enjoys picking up any new instrument he can get his hands on. He also enjoys jamming out with his friends and occasionally writing a song.

Sumner describes his taste in music as “interesting” because he is musically inspired by a lot of different artists. Sumner said his music selection includes country, R&B and funk. Occasionally he mixes in alternative and Top 40s music.

Another group with which Sumner is involved on campus is Alpha Tau Omega fraternity.

After only one semester at Union, Sumner said he has made friendships that will last a lifetime through his new brotherhood. He enjoys having brothers whose names he knows and with whom can have personal relationships.

“I know I can call any of them at any time with anything, and they will always have my back and be there with a helping hand,” said Sumner.




Image courtesy of Submitted photo | Luke Sumner
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