Freshman Friday: Josh Smith

Josh Smith is a freshman zoology major. | Photo by Riley Strong
Josh Smith is a freshman zoology major. | Photo by Riley Strong
Josh Smith is a freshman zoology major. | Photo by Riley Strong

Eccentric to the core, freshman Joshua David Smith hails from Spring Hill, Tennessee. Smith is enrolled as a zoology major but soon plans on changing his major to something that better suits his interests in the art department.

“I’m pretty much a nerd,” he said, listing his favorite things. Some of his favorite movies include the film adaptation of Le Misérables and the 2014 science-fiction flick, Interstellar.

His hobbies are varied, ranging from painting landscapes to fencing and swing dance, but perhaps his favorite thing to do is read. When it comes to literature, Smith most enjoys poetry and fantasy. His favorites include Neil Gaiman’s Coraline and anything by Robert Frost.

Smith also has a great appreciation for music. Although a fan of anything from Twenty One Pilots to Chopin, he prefers to listen to classical music as he pours over his work.

“I obsessively listen to classical music,” said Smith “That’s a really weird thing, but it helps me focus on my unending amount of homework.”

Although one might expect the transition from being a homeschool student to a full-time college student to be a bit rocky, Smith suggests otherwise.

“The transition was nonexistent because before I had to make my own schedule, and now I don’t have to set my own schedule,” he said. “It’s a lot easier.”

College studies have still been a bit of a learning curve for Smith. His first semester has been a time for him to learn his own limits and test his own study habits.

His favorite class this semester is his history class with Terry Lindley, but it’s not the subject he enjoys as much as the professor. He describes his professor as humorous and charming, which surely makes the material even more compelling.

Since arriving at Union, Smith has been well-received into the community of students here.

“I’ve become a socialite, which I wasn’t expecting,” Smith said. “I’m very social—I was shocked at the difference between the social dynamic of college and high school.”

He welcomes the absence of cliques and attests that the community’s willingness to be open and free about forming relationships with one another makes being friendly easy.

When asked if he had any advice for his fellow students, he reflected on some of the things that have made his experience more pleasant.

“Have introvert time if you’re an extrovert,” he said. “Otherwise you’ll go insane. And cook your own food.”

Image courtesy of Riley Strong
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