Flying Colours, Midwestern Accent perform at Barefoots

Flying Colours

Flying Colours
The Flying Colours, a Nashville-based band, perform at a Barefoots Joe concert Friday, February 20, 2015. | Photo by Meg Rushing, staff photographer
Many familiar faces hit the Barefoots stage on Friday, Feb. 20.

Union’s own Flying Colours and Midwestern Accent both consist of Union students and alumni. Each band gave memorable performances for the second Barefoots concert of the semester. Faithful fans and students combined with the weekend’s Scholars of Excellence students made for a full house.

“We enjoy being a part of scholars weekend in this way, showing them a part of campus life and showcasing the talent among our students,” said Joy Moore, Director of Barefoots Joe.

Midwestern Accent opened the night. Front man Aaron Parke is a senior information technology major from St. Louis, Missouri. His band included Brady Heyen, senior philosophy major, Evan Estes, senior advertising major, and Rob Griffith, senior English major.

“Everybody was really attentive,” said Parke. “It was awesome to have so many people here.”

Midwestern Accent
Aaron Parke, senior information technology major and Midwestern Accent front man, plays at a Barefoots concert Friday, February 20, 2015. | Photo by Meg Rushing, staff photographer
Flying Colours, a familiar sight on the Barefoots stage, headlined the show. The band’s Union alumni include Jay Griffith, Austin Gray, Taylor Hare and Austin Gray. Its current students are Rob Griffith, senior English major, and Thomas Griffith, junior art studio major.

The band played many old favorites along with songs from their new EP, “Resist”. This will most likely be The Flying Colours’ last concert at Barefoots for some time as many of its members now reside in Nashville, Tennessee.

“It is sad but also appropriate,” said lead singer Rob Griffith. “It’s somebody else’s turn to make something. I hope that we have been a part of a new creative culture that is happening.”

“I love everyone,” He added.

“Flying Colours is well-loved on our campus and they put on a fantastic show for these visiting scholars,” said Joy Moore. “But even more, they’ve helped build a collaborative, encouraging community for musicians and it’s wonderful to watch what rises in and around them when they play shows here.”

Flying Colours
Jay Griffith, member of The Flying Colours, plays at a Barefoots concert Friday, February 20, 2015. |Photo by Meg Rushing, staff photographer
 Clark Bilbrey, junior athletic training major and member of the Barefoots leadership team, was a scholar at a Flying Colours concert two years ago. “It was cool to see Union students doing what they love,” said Bilbrey. “And they’re some of my best friends now. It’s been incredible to watch their journey over the past couple of years and to be a part of it. I wish them all the best for the future.”

The Flying Colours music can be found on Bandcamp and Midwestern Accent can be found on Soundcloud.

Image courtesy of Meg Rushing|Cardinal & Cream
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