Fall Intramurals offer competition, study breaks

Chi Omega won this season's Ultimate Frisbee Championship. | Submitted photo
Chi Omega won this season's Ultimate Frisbee Championship. | Submitted photo
Chi Omega won this season’s Ultimate Frisbee Championship. | Submitted photo

The stadium lights are shining as bright as the sun. Referees are blowing whistles. Classmates are arriving—half of them will cheer while the others sit and socialize with each other.

Fall intramurals are in full swing on campus.

For most intramural athletes, a rush of nerves and anticipation for the game is to be expected. Others feel a sense of excitement, as they play intramurals for the fun of the sport.

But for some intramural athletes, the rush of taking the court or field is one that takes them back to a familiar place.

Students who played sports in high school, like Jenna Summerlin, junior Kappa Delta intramural athlete, could find their new home in intramurals.

“I played basketball in high school, and I love being able to have a little bit of that outlet here through intramurals,” said Summerlin.

Zeta Tau Alpha intramural chair Laura Courtner also relates to the enjoyment of competing in the sports she loves through Union’s intramural program.

“Deciding to not play a sport in college the last second was a big decision for me, so I was immediately interested in intramurals,” she said. “I knew that I wanted to be a part of a team, and I knew this would be a great place to bring that to life.”

Intramural sports also provide students with the opportunity to athletically express their competitiveness. Competing on the field creates a refreshing break from competing in the classroom.

“Intramurals are a fun and competitive experience that give us an opportunity to go out and enjoy athletics,” said Tyler Stocking, member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s basketball and flag football team. “They offer a break from the stress of studying while giving us a chance to interact with other students that we may not know as well.”

There are several options available for intramural athletes to participate. Fall intramurals include ultimate Frisbee, sand volleyball, flag football and others. Soccer and softball are two of the several sports that will take place during the spring semester.

Intramural sports are split into upper and lower level divisions. Upper level sports tend to lean on the more serious and skill-focused side of the game, while the lower level is offered for those athletes who may not be as competitive, but still desire to be involved.

“I like that no matter what your athletic ability or experience is, there is a spot for you,” Stocking said. “Because Union offers an upper and lower division, people of all skill levels can play.”

Although sand volleyball and ultimate Frisbee have wrapped up their seasons, flag football is in full force. Join a team, watch a game and get involved in this unique athletic experience at Union.

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