Enactus students compete in national tournament


The Union University Enactus team competed in the United States National Exposition tournament in St. Louis, Missouri, on the weekend of April 27. Union finished as a finalist in league 17 of the competition.

This tournament wraps up a stretch of strong performances in Enactus national tournaments by Union Enactus’ graduating seniors.

“The seniors have provided great project leadership during their time at Union as well as contributed to our presentation team,” said Brooke Emery, assistant professor of marketing. “They have served as mentors, leading the newer members and teaching them about existing projects and helping to create new ones.”

Students agree. “The seniors have been really great to learn from,” said Parker Cassady, sophomore accounting major. “They’ve been great mentors to myself and a lot of other underclassmen, and I think they’ve really helped us be in a good place to move forward.”

The success the Union Enactus team has enjoyed over the last several years is more than just a reflection of the students that participate, but also a representation of the quality of Union’s McAfee School of Business, said Emery.

“First, students are constantly doing projects to help better their community – Union’s campus, Jackson and beyond.  These projects give students real life skills and experience in management roles.  Employers love to hear about how our students lead projects, overcome obstacles and measure their impact,” said Emery. “Second, Enactus puts students in direct contact with potential employers.  Enactus sponsors are world-wide offering a wide variety of career paths.  At our National Expo, the students present what they have done during the year to a panel of judges, made up of potential employers, and meet with many more employers at the Career Fair.”

Professor Emery also speaks highly of what students can learn from participating in Enactus during their time at Union.

“They learn how to ‘land the plane.’,” said Emery. “Employers want students with a proven record that they can follow through and complete a project.  Enactus students have learned how to do that.”

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