Blank Slate Improv to host preview show

Blank Slate's preview show is the first show of the year
Blank Slate’s preview show is the first show of the year. | Submitted photo

Blank Slate Improv will be doing their first show this week with a largely new cast.

The first show of the year is called the preview show, and the team aims to effectively give campus a preview for what Improv will look like for the rest of the semester.

The show will take place Sept. 27 at 7 p.m. in PAC room D-3.

The cast is predominantly made of students new to Blank Slate Improv. Only four of the current members are returning from last year. These new students are mainly freshmen, many of whom have no previous experience in improvisation.

Filling up the Improv ranks with students who are talented but inexperienced has presented new challenges to the team.

“It’s really going to be a learning experience for them.” said Garyn MacIntyre, French and theater double major and co-leader of the Improv team.

Freshman Korey Adams is a new addition to the team. He said he is excited for the show but also nervous.

“I don’t have any experience doing things in front of people for entertainment,” said Adams. Despite this, Adams is ready for his first production and looking forward to his debut on the team.

After working together as a team in practice, MacIntyre feels that the team is ready for the show: “We have full confidence in our team,” he said.

The team will look a little different than last year. Last year they had nine members who were always on stage. This year there will only be eight members on stage at a time, but there are two alternates who will substitute in if needed.

The team has a wide variety of majors, with students coming from many different backgrounds, says MacIntyre. This will cause a “totally new dynamic” on stage from last year.

“[There will be] a lot of laughs; we can guarantee that it’s going to be very funny,” said MacIntyre.

Tickets are pre-sold, but may be sold at the door. Each ticket costs $3.

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