Behind the Scenes: University Ministries

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Life Groups, Global Outreach trips and weekly chapel services are some of the overarching programs the Office of University Ministries staff plans for students, faculty and staff.

Todd Brady, vice president of university ministries, said their office seeks to work with all other aspects of the university to provide a well-rounded, Christ-centered educational experience for students.

“When a student comes to campus, we want them to experience a community that loves one another and cares for one another,” Brady said. “As we pursue truth, our desire is to love the Lord our God with all of our souls, with all of our hearts, with all of our minds, with all of our strength.”

The staff of the Office of University Ministries strives to accomplish this by offering opportunities for worship, discipleship and missions.They are responsible for organizing and leading weekly chapel services that provide students, faculty and staff a corporate worship experience.

“Our desire is to encourage our community to root themselves in the love of church,” Brady said.

Lee Wilson, director of discipleship, oversees all of the discipleship ministries that come out of that office.

“We busy ourselves with expending every effort to help students build their lives on a biblical foundation, develop the serving heart of Christ and engage in God’s global purposes,” said Wilson.

Wilson encourages students to get involved in studying the Bible and practicing the spiritual disciplines through Men’s and Women’s Cooperatives.

Another way students can be involved is to engage with a church in the Jackson area.

“A consistent theme in all we do is promoting the significance of the local church in God’s plan for our lives,” said Wilson.

Global Outreach trips are another way the  Office of University Ministries seeks to promote the gospel. They train and sends out more than 100 students, staff and faculty members on GO trips each year.

“Life on missions is more than a trip. Our desire is not to just get students on a short-term mission trip,” said Brady. “Our desire is to see God so work in the lives of all of us that it becomes part of our lifestyle.”

Ellen Howard, sophomore English major, said the office of university ministries has been a blessing for her.

“Through them, I have been able to go on a GO trip, which has changed the way I view the daily mission of a believer,” Howard said.

Life groups are being relaunched soon, and information and applications can be found on the university website: Life Group Leader applications are due by 4 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 16.

“While my office has been tasked with leading the way in campus worship, discipleship, and mobilization, we encounter partners in literally every corner of this campus,” said Wilson. “The staff, faculty, and administration of Union University are making disciples all day, everyday — taking every opportunity to shape students into the image of Christ and preparing them for a future devoted to the service of Church and society.”


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