Barefoots Concert Preview: Sedgewick and Lowland Hum

Husband and wife duo, Lowland Hum, consists of Daniel and Lauren Goans.

Barefoots Joe will host the last concert of the fall series tonight, welcoming two bands to campus: Sedgewick and Lowland Hum.

Sedgewick, a folk band from Chicago, is a group of talented musicians and friends. Sam Brownson and Oliver Horton started as a duo but recognized Jake Hawrylak as a new band member at the beginning of the year to make it an official trio.

Husband and wife duo, Lowland Hum, consists of Daniel and Lauren Goans. | Submitted Photo

Brownson and Horton met in 2011 through a band they were a part of at Knox College called Poets in Peasants. The band was an informal group of friends who simply enjoyed making music together. With nothing to do in their small college town, the band would spend Friday nights practicing however long they pleased.

Hawrylak was an addition to the band in January, just in time to help craft the EP Gardens.” Sedgewick’s music serves as a homey echo of folk sound. These three men are not only band members and talented musicians, but also good friends.

The next act, Lowland Hum, is a North Carolina folk duo of Daniel and Lauren Goans. Married in 2012, the two quit their jobs in order to pursue a full-time music career and have since made adjustments to married life on the road. In 2012, they played as many gigs as possible and wrote new songs together based on their journey of pursuing their passion and establishing their sound. Good music was created, songwriting skills were sharpened and a duo was born.

The couple started work on their first album during their first year of marriage. Recorded in Daniel’s childhood basement, their first album, Native Air, was released in 2013. With two distinct yet pure voices as well as strong songwriting abilities, the album was destined to be a success. Lowland Hum spent 2014 touring, and the crowd reactions to the album were overwhelmingly positive. The duo was inspired to continue making music.

Lowland Hum released an EP in 2014 called “Four Sisters.” They also released a self-titled album in April of 2015. In September of 2015, Lowland Hum signed a deal with Randm Records. The band is currently on tour and will be playing shows through the end of the year.

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