Judo Club prepares for apocalyptic race

Union University’s Judo Club is sponsoring a zombie themed race on Saturday, Nov. 1, giving students the option of participating as a runner or a zombie.

The race starts at 5 p.m., and runners should arrive at the Carl Grant Event Center entrance a few minutes early. Wearing flags, participants will run the equivalent of a 3K race on a marked trail lurking with the undead.

Those wishing to participate as zombies should arrive one hour before the race begins in order to undergo their transformation. The Judo Club will provide makeup and will work in teams to prepare the flesh-eating horde.

Iulia Faur, junior biochemistry major and president of the Judo Club, hopes to build from their inaugural race last year and to attract a large crowd that is ready to run off their Halloween candy.

“Last year was a blast,” she said. “We learned what it takes to plan this event. It’s a great way to let people know about the Judo Club, and we want to reach out to the rest of Union.”

Faur, who participated as a zombie last year, plans on running as a human in this year’s “Zombiethon.”

Humans and zombies alike are encouraged to wear clothes that can get dirty.

“There will be a lot of blood,” Faur said.

Prizes will be given to the runner with the fastest time as well as the human with the most remaining flags. The two zombies with the most flags will also be awarded.

The cost to run is $5 and the admission price for zombies is $4.

For more information, contact Iulia Faur at iuliafaur@gmail.com

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