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The Moreland family

By MiKalla Cotton

Placed in the same focus group freshman year, Jill and Justin Moreland hit it off from day one.

From meals and unending conversations to study sessions and Walmart runs together, “we just became very close very quickly,” Justin said. They both agree that the community and atmosphere at Union nourished their friendship.

Convinced at first that they were simply best friends, it became clear that there wasn’t anyone else they each would rather be with. In January 2002, at the return of the spring semester of their freshman year, they officially started dating.

Each having homework, jobs and commitments, Jill and Justin struggled at first to juggle everything, but this learning experience taught them how to seek God’s will as a couple.

On Sept. 6, 2003, Justin took Jill on a journey of their firsts that ended with a ring.

After a 9-month engagement, they tied the knot June 12, 2004, and lived off-campus as a married couple their senior year.

“That was an adventure,” Jill said with a giggle.

Jill and Justin Moreland graduated from Union in May of 2005. They will be married 10 years this June and have a five-year-old, Addison, and a 2-year-old, Emma Claire.

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