UNews Makes Changes for Season Three


Kathryn Feathers, senior media communications major, Sam Jones, sophomore broadcast journalism major, and Kelsey Graeter, senior broadcast journalism major, film an opening segment for the UNews broadcast, Sept. 12, 2014. | Photo by Amanda Rohde
New technology is revolutionizing media, presenting a plethora of audio, visual and printed news at the viewer’s fingertips and allowing more interaction with the community it presents to.

This isn’t news.

But it does mean changes for UNews, a weekly news show for Union students, produced by the National Broadcast Society (NBS).

Rian Trotter, vice president of the Union chapter of NBS said that this year UNews is changing its entire format.

“In the past, UNews has been a standard, small news delivery service,” Trotter said. “And while that’s just fine on paper, it turns into a rather boring video….UNews is going to try to walk the very difficult line between informative and entertaining.”

NBS President Kathryn Feathers said that UNews is moving away from a studio-based production. The crew plans to film on different locations all around Union’s campus.

“We also hope to be more interactive and engaging with students,” Feathers said. “We want to represent students from all over Union and try to get them on camera as much as possible.”

This is demonstrated in the new opening of the show, which is projected to air with the first episode of “season three” next Saturday, September 20.

Another change includes a greater presence on social media.

Feathers said she hopes the changes encourage students to be more involved .

“I would love to see students tweeting us and wanting to be featured on the show,” Feathers said. “Hopefully also, the new format will be more entertaining for students to watch.”

Trotter added that she is excited to be working with several new people this year, and she said she feels that they can make a quality weekly show.

“I hope that these changes allow for UNews to become very ingrained in the culture of the campus,” Trotter said. “UNews is made to be watched, so I hope that it can truly find an audience. I’m really excited about UNews’s future this year.”

Union NBS can be followed on Facebook, Instagram (unionunews) and Twitter (@UnionUNews). Videos will be posted on Saturday each week and can be viewed on the YouTube channel (UnionUNews). They will also be shown on the TVs in the Pennick Academic Complex and Brewer Dining Hall every Monday. For information on getting involved, contact Kathryn Feathers at kathryn.feathers@my.uu.edu.

Image courtesy of Amanda Rohde|Cardinal & Cream
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