Seven members of New York Chamber Soloists perform at Union

New York Chamber Soloists
New York Chamber Soloists
Photo courtesy New York Chamber Soloists

The New York Chamber Soloists performed Feb. 25 in G.M. Savage Memorial Chapel.

Members of the popular ensemble from New York have proven themselves over time.

The 12-member group, known worldwide, has successfully been together for more than 50 years now.

The performance will include a version of the Eine Kleine Nachtmysik by Mozart, the Prokofiev Quintet for Oboe, Clarinet, and Strings, Op. 39 and Brahms Clarinet Quintet, Op. 115.

“The number of performers changes according to the repertoire being performed,” said Terry McRoberts, university professor of music. “Seven performers are coming to Jackson for our program.”

They include Curtis Macomber and April Johnson on the violin; Ynez Lynch on the viola; Adam Grabois on the cello; Kurt Muroki on the bass; Allen Blustine on the clarinet; and Paul Oswald on the oboe.

Melvin Kaplan serves is president.

The Department of Music and the Union University Lyceum sponsored the event.

McRoberts said the department was able to book the ensemble through the booking agency it has used in the past.

The group has more than 250 works in its repertoire with 25 pieces written specifically for them.

Composers such as Gunther Schuller, Mario Davidovsky and Ezra Laderman have written songs for the New York Chamber Soloists.

The ensemble’s instruments range from strings to winds to keyboard. Members also have been known to welcome guest artists to play with them, which adds uniqueness to their pieces.

The group has performed nationwide and even worldwide, visiting Europe, Latin America and in parts of the East and South Pacific.

The ensemble has performed frequently in New York City, Washington, at a number of universities and even in some festivals.

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