Senior Art Shows: Sierra Owens-Hughes


Sierra Owens-Hughes, senior art major | Photo by Evan Estes
Sierra Owens-Hughes, senior art major with an emphasis in ceramics, plans to communicate her love of the earth through her senior art show in the spring.

Even having lived in Brazil, Aruba, Venezuela and Colombia before moving to Jackson, Tennessee, Owens-Hughes was never able to fully experience nature to develop an appreciation.

Since coming to Union, she has frequently visited the woods to reflect on her enjoyment of nature.

“It’s a place of rest for me,” she said.

For her senior project, Owens-Hughes hopes to create a collection of pottery with different series of landscapes.

Mugs and bowls will contain glazing and molding to portray scenes from rough mountain ranges to arid deserts.

While this project heavily relies on its theme, senior art shows also provide an opportunity for students to exhibit the techniques they have learned.

The art department notices her work ethic. According to Lee Benson, professor of art and department chair, Owens-Hughes is vocationally ambitious and not afraid to try new methods of creating.

“She’s a refreshing blend of hard work and carefree humanity that makes for good art making,” Benson said.

During the spring semester, Owens-Hughes will be taking her third ceramics class to focus her attention on developing techniques and expanding her body of work.

After receiving approval of this project from the entire art department, Owens-Hughes will spend an average of three to four hours every day next semester to make enough cups and pots for the show.

She hopes her audience will reflect on nature but also see the quality in each piece.

“I want them to say, ‘Those are some good pots,’” the senior said.

Owens-Hughes also wants students to contemplate the grandeur of nature and learn to appreciate scenery in a society that often neglects the environment.

“This is where we live. This is where we come from. We’ll never be better than the earth,” alluding to the biblical concept of being created from dust.

After her May graduation, Owens-Hughes plans on staying in the Jackson area and auditing more ceramics classes at Union to refine her throwing techniques.

It is her dream to open a studio space in Jackson for 3D artists. The objective of this space would be to build a community of artists and to share their work with Jackson residents.

Her exhibit will run for about a week in the student gallery in late April or early May and will be open to the public.

Image courtesy of Evan Estes|Cardinal & Cream
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