ON A BUDGET: Spring Break for less than $100

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With a slightly later spring break this year, students have a little extra time to plan trips, but the first day of break is quickly approaching, and plans to travel within a budget need to be settled in advance.

The easiest way to stay within a cheap budget is to get a group and split the cost of everything, but if that is not an option this list gives practical ways of transportation to get out of Jackson and back for less than $100  this year.


Taking the Megabus can be a risky option, because all tickets are non-refundable. The risk of being stuck in a city bus station or at an outdoor bus stop may be worth it for the extremely low cost of travel. When considering gas to get to the departing cities, it is possible with Megabus to make it to Chicago or Dallas for $70 round trip, Atlanta for $5, or Champaign, Ill.,  for $10. As March 29 draws closer, prices for each bus will increase, so it is best to plan ahead and buy early for these.

To get the most mileage for your money, a bus departs from Chattanooga and 17 hours later stops in Buffalo, N.Y.,  for $19. The closest Megabus stations are in Memphis, Nashville and Chattanooga.


With less than a tank of gas, you can easily get to Chattanooga, where many water-travel options are available. Paddleboarding is extremely popular for college students, because it is only $10 with a student ID and provides all the equipment needed for time on the river. Or, for a day of rafting through rapids with a group of friends or strangers, a trip through the Ocoee river costs $30.

If exerting effort does not sound like fun but traveling on water does, a ride on the Chattanooga Ducks is $22. This car-boat takes passengers for a ride around downtown and takes a turn into the Tennessee river for a cruise around Audubon Island.


For those who are not aware, travel by train is still an option, and a reasonably priced option for that matter. Memphis has the closest Amtrak station to Jackson, with a train that can have anyone eating beignets at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans by the end of the day. The train costs $59 one-way, but to stay within the budget, Megabus offers rides to and from New Orleans for $1. The benefit of taking the train instead of the bus is that a restaurant is on the train, as well as plenty of tables and chairs for working or sitting and enjoying not working.


If a budget the main restriction, do not attempt to fly anywhere for the week off, because flights are generally not less than $100 round-trip.

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