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You can listen to the calm vibes of Vacationer on their latest album, Relief. | Submitted Photo
Vacationer, based out of the Northeast, considers themselves “the eastern seaboard’s foremost relaxation specialists,” according to the band’s Twitter account. After listening to their latest record, Relief, one can hardly dispute that claim.

Released on June 24 of this year, Vacationer’s sophomore album is as cohesive as a collection of songs can be, with the central vibe of relaxation. Relief makes a serious attempt at album of (and for) the summer and should be considered in the running for album of the year.

Relief flourishes when underlying synth pads meet with soothing vocal melodies.

“Paradise Waiting” expresses the idea of longing for much needed rest: “The warm thoughts set your tensions aside/There’s a paradise waiting for us in summertime.” The very next song, “Glimpse,” has a similar theme in its lyrics: “Here it comes/It’s coming in waves/This little glimpse is all you got.”

Don’t assume that this album borderlines boring because of its motif, Relief has some pop hits, like “In The Grass,” which relies on upbeat drumming and bass lines. “Wild Life” also brings the tempo while keeping with the carefree nature: “I want to empty my calendar days.”

The album closer, “Onward & Upward,” ends the record with the most appropriate lines: “It’s warming up/Silver line/It’s bathing in light/I could get used to it.”

Stream the new Vacationer album, drink Hawaiian Punch out of a coconut and let your worries sink to the bottom of a clear blue ocean. It might be the best vacation you have all year.

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