Greek Olympics returns; SAE and Chi Omega take first place

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The annual Greek Olympics returned this year after being cancelled two years in a row. Two years ago, the event was canceled due to foul weather and last year due to inability for many students to participate.

For the first time since 2011, Greek life competed in a series of five classic Olympic Games. The event began at 10 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 4 with a 200-yard swimming relay followed by a football toss, 200 yard running relay, rope pull and chariot race.

Chi Omega women’s fraternity won first place overall followed by Kappa Delta sorority and Zeta Tau Alpha women’s fraternity. Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity won first place in the men’s events. Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity won second and Alpha Tau Omega followed in third place.

Anna Coley, president of Chi Omega and senior elementary education major, said Chi Omega had fun competing again after not being able to for two years.

“Because seniors are the only ones that had experienced Greek Olympics in the past, we made sure to tell the younger girls how fun and exciting the day would be,” Coley said. “After a tough fight between each sorority we pulled out a win. We had a blast on Saturday and are so thankful we were able to have Greek Olympics this year. [We] looked forward to Greek Olympics because it gives us an excuse to paint up, cheer obnoxiously loud and be united with all of Greek life.”

Emily Russell, president of Kappa Delta and senior psychology major, said she and her sisters were excited to compete again.

“It was so awesome to finally get to have Greek Olympics again,” Russell said. “I remember how much fun I had as a freshman in Kappa Delta cheering on my sisters and engaging in friendly competition amongst the other sororities.”

Anna Isbell, member of Zeta Tau Alpha and senior education major, said she was happy to have Greek Olympics back.

“I remember it being one of my favorite days freshman year, and this time around, it didn’t disappoint,” Isbell said. “Our chapter had a blast and it was a great chance to see the younger pledge classes enjoy it and experience [Greek Olympics] for the first time.”

Each group took time preparing for the games. Some groups held try-outs for the events. Everyone had a role either on or off the field. Blake Norton, president of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and senior education major, said winning Greek Olympics was not just a success for the athletes but for their chapter as a whole. He said it was a chance for seniors to step up, lead and make Greek Olympics special for underclassmen.

“To go out and win on Saturday made it even better because it was such a chapter event,” Norton said. “Whether or not one of our guys participated in an event, they contributed to the win by cheering on the sideline and picking the guys up and encouraging them when an event didn’t go our way. To see the chapter come together and win is always a special moment.”

Russell said that win or lose, Greek Olympics is a fun opportunity to make memories with the entire Greek community and have fun as one body no matter what the letters are.

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