Freshman Friday: Sarah Troxel

Sarah Troxel, freshman intercultural studies and applied linguistics major | Photo by Veronica Perry

Every year, hundreds of delighted freshmen arrive to Union anticipating the beginning of their college careers. Freshman Sarah Troxel took this excitement to another level and started her journey early.

Troxel said from the very beginning she knew she wanted to attend Union.

“I don’t remember exactly how I found out about Union, but I knew I wanted my family to move to Jackson so I could attend just as soon as possible,” said Troxel.

Troxel discovered that Union had a dual enrollment program, so she pleaded with her parents to move the 635 miles from Waco, Texas to Jackson, Tennessee so that she could enroll. And so they did.

“My parents have taught me that doing wild and spontaneous things are not all that bad,” Troxel said.

In August of 2013, she and her family packed up and moved to Jackson so she could attend Union University as a dual enrollment student.

Troxel and her family planned to find a campground and live in their recreational vehicle, but there was a pleasant surprise in store.

George Guthrie, professor of theology and missions, offered Troxel and her family his home for the fall semester while he and his family were living abroad.

“We were super excited to see God move on our behalf,” Troxel said.

Having already taken the maximum number of credit hours allowed in the dual enrollment program, Troxel was nervous that her time at Union would be cut short.

But there was yet another fortunate turn of events.

The administration allowed her to enroll in the spring semester for 14 additional credit hours. Brad Green, associate professor of Christian thought and tradition, also allowed the Troxel family to move into his home for that spring semester.

Troxel is now an official freshman student living here on campus at Union, although she is technically ranked as a sophomore.

Her friends have dubbed her with the unique classification “freshmore.”

“I really feel at one with the freshman class,” said Troxel.

As an intercultural studies and applied linguistics major, she said her dream job would be to work as a Wycliffe Bible translator.

“People fascinate me so much, especially people who are different from me,” Troxel said.

Troxel is on Union’s debate team, a member of the International Justice Mission’s leadership team and a youth leader at Evangelical Community Church and Englewood Baptist Church D2 ministry.

Troxel is an avid reader, runner and tree climber.

“The biggest thing that has shaped me is the communities that I’m involved in,” she said. “I have not shaped myself individually, but it’s all of these small communities that have molded my life.”


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