Freshman Friday: Jonathan Bowman

Jonathan Bowman

Freshman Feature Friday
Featured Freshman is Jonathan Bowman, biology major. | Photo by Meg Rushing
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Jonathan Bowman of Franklin, Tennessee is difficult to miss in a crowd, with his distinct red hair and beaming smile.

When asked about his favorite hobbies, Bowman responded with a list of three vastly different things: violin, soccer and comedic theater.

The decision to play violin came naturally because all three of his siblings play. He started when he was nine years old and has been quite accomplished. He has performed at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee twice with an orchestral summer camp.

He is considering playing with the Union Symphony Orchestra in their 2014-2015 season.

He played soccer in high school, coincidentally on the same team that his Life Group leader, sophomore Beau Williams, once played. He is excited for soccer intramurals this spring.

Bowman’s interest of comedic theater has lead him to consider joining the improv group on campus.

“I just like to make people laugh,” said Bowman. “I like to be spontaneous. I like to say, ‘Hey, we are going to do this’ and then just go for it.”

Bowman has family in both Memphis and Franklin, so Union serves as the perfect middle ground between the two cities.

“I am close enough to go home for a weekend to see my family,” said Bowman, “but far enough to get me the independence any college student wants.”

Bowman is a biology major. He is taking a variety of core courses alongside general chemistry and biology. “I like chemistry more than I had expected,” Bowman said.

He is hoping that after taking his general science courses, he will be solidified in what he wants to do, and have a “wow this is what I’m meant to do!” moment.

Right now, Bowman hopes to one day become a physician’s assistant in pediatrics.

“I’m pretty much a kid myself,” Bowman said. “I have a love for kids and a love for medicine. I want to make going to the doctor not so scary.”

For the time being, Bowman is trying to focus on passing all of his classes and finding his “wow” moment.

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