Dorm fire destroys stove, causes no major damage


A firetruck is parked near the Ayers quad as firefighters are at work in the building following an oven fire in Ayers 2 Sept. 8, 2014. | Photo by MiKalla Cotton
The Jackson Fire Department responded to a stove fire in Ayers 2 shortly after midnight Tuesday morning.

Battalion Chief Gregory Pewitte said there was no structural damage to the building, although the stove was damaged and the room was filled with smoke.

Students gathered to watch as several fire trucks came on campus and the room was cleared of smoke.

Natalie Hotz, sophomore art major, said her roommate had been cooking shrimp and forgotten to turn off the stove.

Hotz was woken up by her roommate telling her about the fire and that they needed to leave the building.

“I ran out of the room, saw it, and I ran out of that room,” Hotz said. Then, she called Union Safety & Security.

Pewitte said Hotz and her roommates would be able to return once the smoke had been cleared. For the rest of the night, the residents of their room and the three surrounding rooms were relocated due to the smell.

Image courtesy of MiKalla Cotton|Cardinal & Cream
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