Barefoots Concert Series: Thad Kopec plays Oct. 17

Thad Kopec will perform at Barefoot's Joe on Oct. 17
Thad Kopec will perform at Barefoot’s Joe on Oct. 17

Barefoots Joe will host their second concert of the semester this Friday, Oct 17. Thad Kopec will headline the concert with The Kernal opening up.

Thad Kopec is part singer-songwriter, one part composer, and part multi-instrumentalist. A graduate of Belmont University’s music program, Kopec has not toured extensively or performed at many big-name venues, but what he lacks in experience, he makes up for in natural ability.

Kopec has released a full-length album titled “Heart of Man” and an EP titled “Noble Neighbor.”

“All of his recordings are very well mixed and mastered,” said Joseph Smith, a junior business management major who serves on the Barefoots leadership team. “He’s a whiz in the studio and works his tail off in that department.”

Kopec’s music uses a sophisticated blend of instrumental arrangements and introspective songwriting that is not characteristic of the Nashville folk scene that he comes from. Kopec’s lyrics are often crafted with literary and biblical influences in mind. This, coupled with his classical music background, lends itself to a creative and engaging sound.

“Thad is one of the most thoughtful musicians I’ve found in the Nashville area,” said Smith. “Every song he produces is authentic, carefully handled, and labored over in subtle ways that make him something of a novelty.”

Kopec is creating quite a stir with the Barefoots leadership team which produces the concert series.

“He’s a gem of a musician in the Nashville scene that sometimes seems so insincere,” said Brady Heyen, a senior philosophy major on the Barefoots leadership team.

“Rather than pulling out all the bells and whistles in promoting his sound and brand, he is pursuing music the right way,” said Smith. “He’s pursuing music the hard way.”

Opening up the performance is local legend, The Kernal. Joe Garner, or The Kernal, is a Union alum and somewhat of a modern pioneer in the Jackson music scene.

“It’s really an honor to have someone from our own community who has done so much for local music play in Barefoots,” said Smith.

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