Joseph and Alice Calvery perform at Barefoots Joe

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“There’s a difference with people in the room, and playing a show with people,” said Natalie Closer, a member of Joseph. “Tonight was incredible because we felt like people were really with us in it.”

The Portland-based band Joseph graced the stage of Union’s Barefoots Joe on Saturday, November 8. Joseph is comprised of three sisters: Natalie, Meegan and Alison. They headlined the show, which was opened by Jackson native Alice Calvery and her band, The New Delta.

Calvery, a Union graduate has performed on Barefoots’ stage many times throughout her musical career, and recently released “Tennessee River,” a four-song album recorded by Ben Tanner of Alabama Shakes, and produced by Joe Garner.

“Seeing a musician like Alice Calvery from your own town is very special in its own way,” said Joseph Smith, a junior psychology major and member of the Barefoots leadership team, who was responsible for organizing the concert. “It’s something that we want to consciously recognize and support.”

While Joseph hails from Portland, Oregon, there is something distinctly familiar about their music said Brady Heyen, senior philosophy major, who is another member of the Barefoots leadership team.

“Right from the start, their set silenced the room,” said Heyen. “No matter your taste of music, you couldn’t deny their talent. The sisterhood of the girls was made obvious by their unified performance. Tight harmonies and belted melodies filled the night and left Union in a warm and cheery mood.”

Joseph released their first album, “Native Dream Kin” on March 12, 2014. While they are relative newcomers, their live show is polished and precise, and they seem as comfortable onstage as someone who has been performing for years.

“Native Dreamer Kin” is available on iTunes and Noisetrade. You can follow Joseph on Twitter, and Instagram, and like them on Facebook

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