Lady ‘Dawgs double header vs. Delta State

By Chelsie Kenworthy
Asst. Sports Editor

The Union University softball team played a rematch with opponent Delta State University Statesmen Sunday in Cleveland, Miss., losing the first game 1-2 and winning the second game 4-0.

The first game for the Lady Bulldogs was a seven-inning game that started off slow, with neither team scoring until the bottom of the sixth inning.

The Statesmen would be the first to score, putting up two runs in the bottom of the sixth inning and placing that team in the lead 2-0.

In the top of the seventh inning, Lady Bulldog freshman catcher and third baseman Amanda Chandler started off the inning with a home run hit to right center field, but that hit was not enough for the Lady Bulldogs to win the game.

The Lady Bulldogs lost to the Statesmen 1-2.

The second game, also a seven-inning contest, began with Lady Bulldog sophomore pitcher and outfielder Alex Williams, hitting a home run to left field and placing the Bulldogs in the lead 1-0.

Second in the lineup for the Bulldogs, senior second baseman Tobie Joy singled to center field. Next for the Bulldogs, junior outfielder Shelby Lamb singled to right center field, allowing Joy to advance to third base.

That play set up a perfect scoring scenario for the Lady Bulldogs, and as Chandler was batting, Lamb successfully stole second base.

Chandler flied out to left field, and Lamb was thrown out at third base, but Joy made it home, scoring the second run of the game.

In the top of the third inning, first-to-bat Williams hit a double to left center field. Next, Joy fouled out to the shortstop, and Williams would advance to third base.

Lamb grounded out to the pitcher, and Chandler hit a home run to left field, allowing Williams to score.

That was Amanda Chandler’s second home run in one day for the Lady Bulldogs, bringing the score 4-0 in Union’s favor.

The Delta State Statesmen would not score any runs throughout the game, and the Lady Bulldogs defeated the Statesmen 4-0 in the second game.