Karaoke craze harmonizes Union

Karaoke Kobo
Peyton Penuel, left, junior digital media studies major, performs “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” at Karaoke Kobo with John Wilmoth, freshman nursing major, and Eric Widmer Nov. 4 in the Brewer Dining Hall. | Photo by Jacob Moore

Students at Union have participated in unique activities to ring in the fall season, and it seems that the popular activities of the season are karaoke and fall festivals.

On Nov. 4, Junior Council hosted its ‘90s themed event, “Karaoke Kobo” in Brewer Dining Hall, formerly known as Coburn.

Morgan Kroeger, junior accounting and Spanish double major, and Junior Class Vice President, said that the popular film “Pitch Perfect” inspired the event.

“We had originally wanted to have a ‘riff off,’ but we didn’t want to pressure people into groups where they had to know song lyrics,” Kroeger said. “Instead, we decided to host karaoke. That way anyone can sing, and they don’t even have to be able to keep a beat or know the lyrics.”

Kroeger said the location served a particular purpose.

“We chose Cobo because we wanted the event to be held somewhere unusual — somewhere people wouldn’t normally expect. This isn’t open mic night, or a talent show,” Kroeger said. “This is Junior Council, and we want to be unique, crazy, silly and change up the scenery.”

To add to the craziness, the event took place on a Monday night.

Kroeger said the weekday was strategically chosen, too.

“We actually chose to host Karaoke Kobo on a Monday night because Mondays are just awful days,” Kroeger said. “Thus, if we have the opportunity to make your Monday better and help you to have a more exciting week, we will take advantage of it.”

Kroeger said that the event was open to all students but created particularly with the junior class in mind.

“Junior Council is built on bringing the junior class together’” Kroeger said.

Elizabeth Oakes, senior public relations major, stopped in at Karaoke Kobo.

Oakes said that the event wasn’t what she was expecting.

“Everything was dark except for the stage,” Oakes said. “I came fully decked out in my ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ outfit.”

Oakes sang Whitney Houston’s  “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” and Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In.”


Chi Omega hosted a pancake and karaoke party at 9:30 p.m. Nov. 7 in the Bowld Commons.

Savannah Hari, senior sports medicine major and president of Chi Omega, said it is a new event at Union.

“Every year we do the barbecue for Family Weekend and a big event in the spring, so we wanted to mix it up and add something new,” Hari said.

The event served as a fundraiser for Chi Omega’s philanthropy, the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Hari said that the sorority has the possibility of granting two wishes this year, so every little bit of fundraising helps.

The combination of karaoke and pancakes may seem random, but there was a method behind picking the two.

The event provides fun, food, and entertainment, while raising money for Make-A-Wish, “Basically, all of these things Chi Omegas love,” Hari said.

Also on Nov. 7, the Sociological Inquiry Society hosted its Fall Festival in the Bowld Commons, which was a new event on Union’s campus.

Rachel Wukasch, junior sociology major and a member of the society, helped to coordinate the event.

“We just wanted to really share with the whole community what our club is all about,” Wukasch said.

“We wanted to strengthen the ties within the Union community, from students to faculty and staff to their children,” said Nina Heckler, assistant professor of sociology and department chairwoman.

Wukasch said that guests participated in Plinko, Ring-Toss and a Corn Hole Tournament.

In addition, guests enjoyed s’mores, popcorn and apple cider.

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