Freshman Council gets underclassmen involved in SGA

As a freshman, there are several ways to get plugged in on campus at Union University; choosing the right social clubs or programs can be a difficult process.

There are just over 80 different organizations on campus designed specifically for students who want to grow spiritually, socially and personally.

Student Government Association is a student led organization with goals centered on the student population and promoting Union.

Freshman Council is an exciting opportunity all freshmen have to get involved in SGA.

Karen Taylor, freshman council adviser, said around 40 students applied for the17 available positions.

“Freshman Council is selected through an application and interview process at the beginning of the fall semester,” Taylor said. “Interviews are held over a week long period.”

Taylor said that while going through interview processes, the advisors look for a variety of characteristics in applicants.

She added that she likes working with students who are interested in learning more about leadership and becoming better leaders on campus.

Students on Freshman Council are responsible for activities like freshman fall festivals or parties, concerts hosted in heritage, serving in Day of Remembrance and attending leadership retreats and conferences.

Tansil Binkley, freshman psychology major, said she was nervous at first about apply for council.

“I had never done something like this before,” Binkley said.

“The interview was actually really fun because it was a group interview and it was a very relaxed setting. When I found out I was on council, I was pretty stoked [because] I am working with such a diverse group of people and I love every minute of it.”

Taylor says that SGA is a great way to meet not only classmates, but also other students serving in leadership positions.

“It is encouraging to see how many people want to get to know their classmates and help make their experience and time at Union even more meaningful,” Taylor said.

Student government is not only an opportunity for leadership but is also a gateway to get involved in other areas and clubs on campus.

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