Campus Organization Series: College Democrats, MOSAIC

MOSAIC gospel ensemble
Cedric Townsend, junior music major, leads members of the MOSAIC gospel ensemble Oct. 2 in the G.M. Savage Memorial Chapel during Latino/Hispanic Heritage Week. | Photo by Jacob Moore

Editor’s note: This is fourth in a series of stories this semester about how to get involved in various organizations on campus.

College Democrats

After taking a two-year break from active organization status, College Democrats is returning to campus under new leadership and with fresh ideas and vision.

“I’ve had some people come up to me and say things like, ‘Hey, I’ve heard you’re starting up Colleges Democrats — is that true?’” said Will Spicer, junior political science major and club president. “Most people have been responsive to the fact that there will at least be a College Democrats along with College Republicans.”

The purpose of the College Democrats organization is to inform students of general democratic principles and values through service to the party, the community, the state and to the country so that students may make informed voting decisions.

College Democrats was an active organization from 2000 to 2012 under the leadership of Caraline Rickard and Will McClure.

However, when Rickard and McClure graduated in 2012, the club dissolved.

This semester, Spicer and three other students decided to restart the club after speaking with classmates in a political science class.

“I began to talk about how I wished there was a College Democrats, if for nothing else so there’d be the other side for College Republicans,” Spicer said.

“One of my classmates told me he had a contact with the College Democrats of Tennessee. I messaged the individual, set up a phone conversation and now College Democrats is returning.”

Spicer said he would like the club to participate in local political campaigns and perhaps set up a debate with members of College Republicans.

The club’s initial meeting was Oct. 29. The meetings are open to any students interested in joining, learning about the new club or running for executive office.

After the first meeting, the officers hope to plan more events after seeing the number of people joining.

College Democrats is in the process of becoming an official campus organization.

For more information, contact Spicer, president,, or Gavin Richardson, faculty adviser,


With more than 100 members on record, MOSAIC is one of the largest student organizations on campus.

The group recently hosted two notable campus events, the Unity Arts Showcase and the first official celebration of Latino/Hispanic Heritage Week.

MOSAIC, Making Opportunities Strengthening An Intercultural Community, exists to provide a community for all students, especially minority students, which equips them with resources, support and meaningful opportunities to strengthen leadership and intercultural competency through Great Commandment thinking and action.

“[Through MOSAIC] I have learned what it truly means to take delight in the gift of diversity that God has gifted us with here on Earth,” said Terrence Jones, junior biblical studies and languages major and MOSAIC president. “I have learned to get outside my comfort zone of my own culture and immerse myself in the views and customs of others.”

MOSAIC offers a number of regular campus activities to engage its active and non-active members.

Various members meet twice a week for choir practice, once a week for Bible studies and prayer meetings and monthly for general meetings.

The purpose of these various activities is to promote fellowship and unity between a large and diverse group of students.

“My idea of fellowship has evolved from a simplistic idea of hanging around close friends who were for the most part just like me to gathering around people who aren’t necessarily exactly like me,” Murphy said. “This has given me a bigger idea of what fellowship is and the beauty seen through Christian unity.”

Murphy said MOSAIC also looks for ways to serve the city of Jackson.

“We have traditionally volunteered at Mission Convalescent Home, but we are currently pursuing ways to partner with the [Oscar Cross] Boys and Girls Club and/or The Hub Club.”

The next general MOSAIC meeting is at 4:30 p.m.  Nov. 6 in The Bowld Commons, room 247.

All students are invited to a Christmas celebration at 4:30 p.m.  Dec. 4 in Bowld 247.

MOSAIC welcomes any student interested in joining. To join, students must fill out an application and pay a $5 membership fee.

For more information, contact Murphy, president,, or Matthew Marshall, faculty adviser,

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