Campus grows green: Arboretum takes off

Arboretum Map



In the spring of 2012, members of Union’s Department of Biology planted new trees on campus to grow along with existing trees for its newly founded arboretum.

Arboretum Map

The arboretum’s purpose is to glorify God, make it part of the sciences program curriculum, and to unite Union and the Jackson community.

Mark Bolyard, department chairman, was quoted last spring as saying that members of the department hoped the community would receive a deeper appreciation through the trees on campus.

“We hope that the arboretum will be a way for alumni and friends of Union to participate in university life in a new and exciting way,” Bolyard said.

Adopting a tree requires a $500 donation, which is tax-deductible. Those who participate may adopt existing trees on campus,or trees that will be planted in the future. They also may also commemorate the tree “in honor of” or “in memory of” the person/people of their choice.

A Bible verse or quotation from one of the “heroes of the Christian Intellectual Tradition” may also be placed on the sign in front of the “adopted” tree.

Participants in every level receive a certificate of appreciation and a small print of the arboretum.


To become a friend of the Arboretum or adopt a tree, contact the Office of University Relations at (731) 661-5050 or email

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