GO teams to minister in Germany, Israel on 10-day winter trips

By Alana Hu, Staff Writer

During winter break, two teams will travel across the globe to Germany and Israel to serve for 10 days in Global Opportunities trips.

GO Trips allow students to partner with local churches that minister to communities within Tennessee, plant new churches in northeastern United States or serve at orphanages or university campuses in other countries.

GO Trips emphasize three aspects: Learning, which allows students to apply what they have learned in classrooms; living, which places students in strategic ministry settings for an extended period of residence; and serving, which offers students specific hands-on experience in a range of ministries and service contexts.

The students traveling to Germany will work with a university ministry to spread the Gospel through campus communities through outreach events such as hosting dinner parties, meeting at cafés in the evening and hosting Bible studies.

Karen Taylor, assistant director of student leadership and engagement, and Julie Bradfield, director of student mobilization, will lead the group of seven students.

“Our team will host events throughout the week and spend a lot of time on the local campuses in order to meet people and develop relationships,” Bradfield said. “Through the relationships that are formed, we hope to introduce students to Christ and connect them with local believers in their city.”

“In addition, there will many opportunities for students to meet up with new friends for coffee, breakfast, and small outings in the local area in order to further develop relationships and provide opportunities for continued conversations,” Bradfield said.

Those traveling to Israel will be led by David Carothers, assistant director of student mobilization in the office of spiritual life, and his wife, Nekayeh.

The group of 10 will build relationships with Jewish and Arabic citizens and experience Middle Eastern culture. The team will study the history and geography of biblically significant sites.

The Israel team will tour the Holy Land and minister to university students, Bradfield said.

“The touring of Israel will help students better understand scripture and God’s desire for all nations to know him.”

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