Summer movies run gamut from action to romantic comedy

By Bryn Younger, Assistant Life Editor

This summer, theaters will be bombarded with everything from superhero action flicks to sappy love stories. Though not all of them represent the highest quality, critics anticipate a few films. The following are my Top 5 movies of Summer 2012.

 No. 1: “The Dark Knight Rises” (July 20)

I have been waiting to see this movie since its prequel, “The Dark Knight,” released in 2008.  Four years later, my excitement is almost uncontainable.  The action begins eight years after the previous movie’s last scene.

Batman, played by Christian Bale, is now a societal reject after taking responsibility for Two-Face’s crimes. During this time, a new villain, Bane (Tom Hardy), rises to destroy the city, and Batman becomes a hero again even though many do not like him.

A-list actors such as Anne Hathaway (as Catwoman), Liam Neeson (as Ra’s al Ghul), and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (as John Blake) join the cast.

No. 2: “Snow White and the Huntsman” (June 1)

This seems to be the year for Snow White remakes. Since “Mirror, Mirror” did not do as well as expected, audiences are eager to see whether this film lives up to the hype.

Like the original “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves,” the evil queen discovers someone more beautiful than her exists in the land and orders that she be killed.

After the assassin finds Snow White and realizes he cannot kill her, he decides to train her for battle so that she can defeat the queen.

Although Kristen Stewart’s reputation as an actress is lacking, there is hope for her performance in this film.

Her co-stars include Charlize Theron (as Queen Ravena) and Chris Hemsworth (as the Huntsman).

No. 3: “The Amazing Spiderman” (June 22)               

The first installment of a new Spiderman series is one of the most-anticipated movies of the summer. The story starts at the beginning, when Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) is in high school, in love with Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) and is bitten by a radioactive spider.

As Parker searches for answers to what happened to his parents, he meets his father’s former partner, Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans). Connors’s alter ego, the Lizard, becomes Spiderman’s arch nemesis.

No. 4: “Brave” (June 22)

Disney’s Pixar has yet to disappoint with any of its films, and  “Brave” does not break its streak.

Scottish Princess Merida (Kelly MacDonald) is a hot-headed young archer who defies an ancient custom and causes controversy throughout her kingdom.

After she consults an old witch, the witch puts a curse upon her. The story follows Princess Merida’s journey to break the curse.

No. 5: “To Rome With Love” (June 22)

What would the summer be without a good romantic comedy?

“To Rome With Love” follows the love stories of four couples in Rome. As their lives intersect, the audience sees a number of their adventures.

The actors help make this film worthy of the Top-5. Woody Allen writes, directs and stars in this movie.

He is accompanied by other A-list actors, such as Jesse Eisenberg as Jack, Ellen Page as Monica, Alec Baldwin as John and Penelope Cruz as Anna.

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