Starting Fresh

To all the hungry students, I have a confession – I am a bit obsessed with the art of eating.

So what’s better for a food junkie than a food blog? That’s what I thought, too.

In this blog, my topics will range from tasty kitchen experimentations to restaurant reviews, and everything in between – how to eat local on a budget, where to find the best doughnuts in Jackson, what food to sample at the state fair. Expect to see a palette of student-friendly food to try, places to go and things to do –both locally and abroad.

I grew up eating just about everything my parents put on my plate – weird vegetables, any kind of fruit, all types of ethnic cuisines. Ironically, the two things I could not tolerate were meatloaf and Ramen noodles. To this day, I still don’t eat these things a lot, although I can tolerate them a bit more gracefully than I did in the past.

I began cooking and baking at an early age as well, as I was always trying to help my mom and older sister with whatever they were whipping up in the kitchen. They passed on to me their undying love for a good cookbook and a no-fail recipe for cheesecake, as well as a few of their kitchen tips to creating a well-balanced meal. While I can’t say for certain if I can cook well, I can say I know how to cook, and it’s only because of them.

In the past two years, I have developed an appreciation for eating local and organic. I don’t always follow this passion when I’m at the grocery store – hey, I’m living on a college-kid budget, alright?  However, I do try to implement as much of this idea into my meals as often as I can afford, which includes many a trip to the farmers market.

Speaking of farmers markets, I recently snatched these gems at the West Tennessee Farmers Market. Is it possible to express how much I love this place?



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