SGA donations support pro-life organization in Jackson

By Bryn Younger, Assistant Life Editor

Students should expect to see baby bottles around campus in the coming weeks — but not for the reason one might think.

The Student Government Association is teaming up with Birth Choice, a local pregnancy resource clinic, until March 16 to raise donations for the clinic, which will fund sex education classes for young women and items needed for new mothers.

During the two-week period, 40 baby bottles will be distributed across campus for students to collect coins.

Students also can donate money at the SGA table in front of Brewer Dining Hall.

SGA treasurer Savannah Hari, sophomore sports medicine major, and freshman co-chair, Erin Allen, freshman social work major, are heading up the project.

“Something about it rested on my heart, and SGA was a way to make a difference bigger than me,” Hari said. “I’ve always been interested in Birth Choice. I got a tour there to see what it was about and saw the need they have. I thought it would be a cool way to bring SGA together to do something for this organization.”

This is the first time Union has gotten involved with Birth Choice, as well as the first time a college has helped set up donations for the center. Usually, it is churches helping.

“Birth Choice was really surprised when we came to them, but excited,” Allen said.

The clinic’s director, Chris Veteto, said churches in Jackson and Trenton, Tenn., help with the project, called “Change for Life.” Last year the organization raised $44,000 in change alone.

Birth Choice’s mission is to educate young women before they become sexually active and, if they make that choice, to know all the options should they become pregnant. They also offer classes and medical services to pregnant women. Above all, Birth Choice is a pro-life organization that promotes abstinence.

“Our goal is to minister to women in an unplanned pregnancy to offer truth in a loving way to them and their unborn baby,” Veteto said. “It can be a turning point in their lives.”

Allen hopes to see the effort become a campus-wide outreach project.

“There’s an emphasis on getting everyone involved; it doesn’t have to be just an organization thing,” Allen said.

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