(3 out of 4 stars)

By Katie Cooper, Staff Writer

Despite what is on the surface, when if comes down to it, “The Lorax” may just be putting on the mask of a cute children’s movie to get across the point of going green and the destruction of capitalism. It seems as though this movie is more about teaching children the business tactics of marketing and branding.

“The Lorax” is based off of the Dr. Seuss children’s book published in 1971. shows “The Lorax” receiving a 59 percent approval rating, but the audience seemed to disagree, with 72 percent approval.

Universal Studios spent $70 million on “The Lorax.” In comparison, most computer-generated animated films cost at least $100 million, if not more.

The movie made $17.4 million on its opening day, which tops any other Dr. Seuss movie.

The movie strayed from the book by adding a boy named Ted – voiced by Zac Efron – to the plot line, who is trying to win over the girl of his dreams. Despite this difference, the movie is still set in a town called Thneedville, filled with materialistic people.

The Once-ler, voiced by Ed Helms, cut down all the trees in order to make money. Mr. O’Hare, head of a corporate industry that sells air, uses the decaying environment to his advantage.

He goes out of his way to make sure that the environment is not taken care of. Showing the deadly effects on the town, in an extreme form, almost forces the audience to want to go green.

The filmmakers added emotion into what they are promoting while alluding to what society is like and may become someday.

“The Lorax” is for those seeking to enjoy a cute, humorous movie. Adults and children can easily enjoy the fun color, music and playful atmosphere while learning the importance of keeping promises and that actions have consequences.

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