MOVIE REVIEW: Mirror, Mirror

By Beth Byrd, Staff Writer

A much beloved fairy tale gets a makeover in the new film “Mirror Mirror.”

In the retelling of “Snow White,” the plot remains true to the original fable. The seven dwarves lead dominant roles throughout the film, and the evil queen, played by Julia Roberts, is just as conniving as the evil queen in the original   Disney film.

The prince, played by Armie Hammer, falls in love with Snow White, played by Lily Collins. As in any good fairy tale, almost everyone lives happily ever after, and the movie credits conclude with a song by Snow White herself.

Aspects of the old fable are blended with ideas from other children’s stories. The dwarves’ occupation changes from mining to thieving.

Joining forces with Snow White, the group robs royalty and gives    its loot to the starving villagers, much like the children’s movie “Robin Hood.”

The film also blends ideas from “Sleeping Beauty” by introducing a dragon-like “beast” into the plot; the creature follows the whims of the evil queen and battles the prince and Snow White.

Other than a few minor lewd references, the movie provides light-hearted — although predictable — entertainment for fans of make-believe.

I give this movie three stars out of four. The film’s graphic art is poorly done in some scenes, and the acting is cheesy at times.

Overall, however, “Mirror Mirror” attracts and entertains a wide range of viewers.

I enjoyed the various plot differences of this version of the Snow White story.


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