MOVIE REVIEW: ‘John Carter’

(2 out of 4 stars)

By Joey Murchison, Staff Writer

The film “John Carter” disappointed in its opening days with an overall lackluster showing and less-than-admirable ratings from both fans and critics, receiving only 50 percent positive ratings on and 48 percent positive ratings from

Based on the book by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the movie is set in Civil War times.

Former Confederate Capt. John Carter is searching for a legendary treasure in the Arizona Territory when he comes across a strange medallion that transports him to the planet Barsoom, or Mars.

After a foreign race known as the Tharks takes him captive and he later rescues a princess from imminent danger, Carter realizes what is happening on Barsoom.

The planet is in the middle of its own civil war, and each side seems to have its own plans for Carter as he becomes tangled up in it while trying to find his way home.

Disney has $250 million invested in this film. It appears the company is not seeing a return on that investment — opening shows only earned $500,000.

Of course, with a plot that takes time to make any sense, has overdone comic relief, overuses clichés and has far too many predictable moments you can’t expect a high profit.

Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins present uninspired performances in their leading roles with little help from co-stars. Richard Corliss of “Time”stated that the film has “no rooting interest.”

Disney gives you the basics of a sci-fi action movie and nothing more.

“John Carter” is not recommended for someone seeking to stimulate his or her mind. The film’s action is not terrible, but still lacks originality and excitement as several stunts were repeated multiple times.

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